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Finally, a cloud that makes sense

Other cloud providers work in mysterious ways—we don’t.


Our facility uses top industry-standard security practices and is SSAE-18/SOC I certified, so you know your data will be safe.


With 99.9% average uptime, your data and environment runs around the clock, enabling you to access it anytime, from anywhere.


Reduce or eliminate the need for on-premise servers and costly IT infrastructure. Onboarding new users is now a breeze.

Reasons to move your business operations to the cloud

Below are just a few of the many reasons to move your business to a cloud-enabled solution.

You have a mixed environment with many operating systems and versions.

You need to deploy legacy or standardized apps to many different operating systems and versions.

Your business needs a hardware refresh or is running on old equipment.

Your business runs on aging hardware and you can’t spend the money upgrading each and every workstation.

Your business needs an operating system refresh.

Operating system refreshes can be time-consuming and costly. It also requires significant downtime.

You need to operate a distributed workforce.

Your workforce operates in disparate locations or stakeholders need secure access to your data.

You need a contingency in the event of office downtime or disaster.

If your office or system is suddenly closed or down, you need a way for your employees to continue working.

You’re unhappy with Citrix Workspace or other cloud solutions.

You use a cloud solution but it’s too costly and doesn’t meet your organizational or security needs.

The ProSource difference

We provide Cloud Solutions to our customers the way we would use them ourselves.

Long-term investments

Best-in-class enterprise hardware as well as N + 1 redundancy across network and power infrastructure means your services are still active in the event of a core component failure.

Modern cloud delivery

VMware Horizon View delivers an immersive, feature-rich user experience for end users, across devices, locations, media, and network connections.

Secure user access

Security is at the forefront of our decision making. That’s why we include Duo Multi-Factor Authentication for all users.

Data integrity

All our Cloud Workspaces include two-weeks of daily backups. Veeam allows us to easily layer in off-site backups and validate the backups themselves, automatically. Ensuring your data is safe and secure.

Stress-free experience

No IT team? No problem. We fully manage the security, patching, and backups of your cloud. Leaving you to worry about more important business needs.

Exceptional support

We own and operate our data center. That means you are dealing directly with experts that know about your services. No middlemen, ever.

Our cloud, put to the test

Read about customers who adopted our custom cloud infrastructure to scale their businesses.

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